Nathan Dean Talamantez is a Fiction Novelist and Nonfiction Essayist. His writings are eclectic and philosophical—often coupling cultural and spiritual themes. Before Texas was colonized, Dean’s roots were in San Antonio—or Adkins, to be exact. He moved to San Marcos to attend college at Texas State University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology. While there, his best times were spent eating Torchy’s Tacos, working at the university radio station: KTSW, tubing the San Marcos River, and performing Southern Punk Rock with his band, Rio Specter, at the many bars dotting Austin’s famous 6th Street. After seven years serving in the Air Force, Dean is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Writing at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. His debut novel, Sacred Fool, was released in January of 2021.

Artist Statement:

Every day I live, I live to follow my curiosity. I generate my passion for creating by pursuing answers to the questions that bother me; philosophically complicated questions like, ‘why are we so divided?’

As a person, the venom that divides us pains me. Having served in the military, I am a person of many homes. I’ve noticed a similarity between disparate communities, a tendency to oversimplify their perceived enemies as a means to create cognitive distance, to dehumanize them. Because I see this tribal impulse, I seek to position myself as a bridge, to use prose to find the shimmering edges of our communal wallpaper and peel it back.

Thus, I am seeking projects that mentally engage me. This insistence allows me to promise my passion; It enables me to leave a demon and a bit of my soul in every piece I do.

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